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Dry Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning

Should I dry clean or should I steam clean my carpets?

As the below information reveals, leading experts recommend carpet cleaning be done by the steam cleaning method.




Myth:  Steam Cleaning carpet will reduce its lifespan.

Truth: Steam cleaning actually increases the life of carpet

by removing damaging stains, dirt, fleas and dust mites.



Myth:  Dry Cleaning is the best way to clean your carpets.    

Truth: Dry Cleaning rubs carpet using a damp, twirling sponge.  Some

dirt absorbs into the sponge, but deep dirt & parasites are not removed.



Myth:  Steam Cleaning is difficult to understand.

Truth: Steam cleaning cleanses carpet and upholstery with a powerful liquid

solution under pressure.  The liquid solution is then removed using powerful

vacuum motors.  Dirt, stains, fleas and dust mites are also removed.



Myth:  People in the know recommend that dry cleaning is best.

Truth: The world’s largest textile manufacturers recommend steam cleaning as the best method.  So do leading carpet experts!



Myth:  Anyone can steam clean carpets!

Truth: Steam Cleaning of carpets is a specialised process that requires:


  1. Well trained steam cleaning operators.
  2. Highly powered equipment & chemicals—not publicly available.